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About Us

With New Extender setup process you just need to create your netgear account by typing your email, creating a password and selecting two security questions. Netgear Extender Setup can be done through an offline page i.e. mywifiext.net or 1921681250.online. You just need to open these pages online on your browser after connecting your devices with Netgear’s default network name Netgear_Ext.

This website is here to help you to diagnose your extender, router or powerline related issues. You can easily find solution to any problem related to firmware, 2.4GHz or 5Ghz bands, WPS, Security Settings, Access Points and much more in blogs section. You will find Step by Step guide there for most common Extender, Router issues we face day in and day out. Solving issues is much easier with a help of an Expert, get in touch via chat.


It is now possible for you to give voice commands to Netgear devices and Orbi WiFi system via Netgear Skill and Alexa which makes it easier for you to maintian your wireless devices and activities.

How to enable NETGEAR skill:
  • First of all login into your router through routerlogin.net or Routers Ip address and Enable remote management in your settings.
    NOTE:-If you have an Orbi WiFi system, use the Orbi app to enable remote management. For all other routers, use the Nighthawk app.
  • Enable the NETGEAR skill in the Alexa app.
  • While logging in on your , you need to use the same credentials that you used for Netgear Night hwak App or Orbi App.
You can make following via voice commands:
  • Alexa, ask NETGEAR to turn on guest network.
  • Alexa, ask NETGEAR about my WiFi settings.
  • Alexa, ask NETGEAR what’s my downloading speed.
  • Alexa, ask NETGEAR how much Internet I have used.
  • Alexa, ask NETGEAR how much Internet did I use yesterday.

NOTE: Having the latest firmware makes sure you get the latest settings and updates from your route