How to setup Netgear Ex7300 as Wi-Fi Range extender


-Reset hole.
-Power ON/OFF.
-Access point/Extender switch.

Netgear Ex7300 setup
EX7300 Extender Setup

Netgear EX7300 Setup through WPS

  • Plug in the Netgear Ex7300 setup extender close to your router for stronger and faster WPS connection.
  • Once the power LED on the extender turns amber it means it is ready for setup.
  • Make sure the switch on the extender is towards EXTENDER.
  • Push the WPS on the Netgear Ex7300 extender.
  • Hit WPS on the router or your main WiFi unit within a minute.
  • You will see a blinking light on both these devices, once the light stops it means netgear extender is configured.
  • Along with power LED you will now have a WPS LED and a Router LED on the range extender.
    NOTE:- In case your router doesn’t supports WPS you can setup extender through or
  • In case WPS doesn’t work try bringing the extender close to your router. If still it doesn’t work reset the extender.
  • Once the Ex7300 extender is configured unplug it and place it halfway between your router and the place where you need WiFi.

Note:- Please make sure to disconnect Ethernet cable before resetting the extender. Do not use Surge protector for the extender. Don’t unplug the extender from the power outlet while it’s updating the firmware.