How to setup Netgear Powerline adapter PLP2000


  • With Netgear Powerline PLP2000 you can send Internet to each corner of your house Using your existing electrical wiring.
  • Homeplug AV2 technology supports Gigabit speeds through your electrical outlets for for seamless Internet speed.
  • This much speed is ideal for connecting smart TVs, you roku, hulu and on the other hand play online games in 4K too.
  • Its Multiple data streams (MIMO) with Beamforming technology offer better Internet Speed by directing WiFi signal towards devices which need them most.
  • You can add multiple adapters depending upon your Network Requirement.
  • Easy Plug and Play Setup, just plug it in and pair them and its done.
  • Clearly, Uncomparable Internet Speed up to 2000Mbps.

Setup Netgear Powerline PLP2000

You need to be sure about the place where you need to plug your Netgear Powerline, here are few recommendations.
• Use an electrical outlet that is not controlled by a wall switch to avoid accidentally turning off the power
to the outlet.
• You should avoid plugging PowerLINE products into electrical outlets that are located near appliances that consume
a lot of power, such as washers, dryers, or refrigerators. Interference from these appliances might
prevent PowerLINE products from working correctly or reduce PowerLINE network performance.
• Moreover, Do not plug PowerLINE products into a power strip, extension cord, or surge protector. Connecting them to one of these devices might prevent the product from working correctly or reduce
PowerLINE network performance.


Powerline adapers can be added according to your usage.
When you press security button on the Powerline it creates a password that is common to all the Powerline adapters on the network. Creating a private key is more safer, we recommend you do that.
To set up a new PowerLINE network:

Netgear powerline PLP2000 adapter
Netgear Powerline PLP2000 Adapter Setup
  1. Firstly, Plug one of the Netgear PowerLINE PLP2000 device into a wall outlet near your main router.
  2. Connect your Powerline with Ethernet cord to your Router’s LAN port.
  3. Now place the second adapter at the place where you need Internet connectivity.
  4. Moreover, You can now connect the 2nd adapter with Ethernet cable to any of your devices like Computer, gaming console, smart tv, Blu-ray player, etc.
  5. Look at the pick up light and note down its colour. Green light means connection is strong whereas amber means its good.
  6. In order to create a private key press and hold security key for 2 seconds on one of the adapter and then press and hold the security key on the 2nd adapter for 2 seconds.
  7. Lastly, the Security key setup might take somewhere between 10-80 seconds.
  8. For extender setup you just visit mywifiext for the instant help.