How to setup netgear wifi mesh range extender ex7500 ac2200 tri band wireless booster

-Extend your Internet WiFi upto 2,000 sq feet.
-Can support a speed up-to 2200Mbps which helps in 4K Ultra HD streaming and multi-player gaming.
-Mesh Technology and Smart Roaming helps you to stay connected with 1 network name plus switching -automatically to your best available network.
-Connect maximum of 40 devices.
-One touch Setup for Netgear Extender with Wps button.

Netgear Ex7500 extender setup
Setup Netgear Ex7500 Extender via or Wps

Netgear Ex7500 Setup via web browser

  • Plug in your Range Extender to a wall outlet.
    NOTE:- For browser Setup its not necessary for you to plug-in the extender close to router.
  • Now connect any of your cell phone or laptop to the Netgear’s default network or you can connect Extender via Ethernet.
  • Open settings on your cell phone or laptop and then go to WIFI.
  • There you will find your Netgear Extender’s default name in the WiFi list as Netgear_Ext.
  • Connect to that network in order to Setup your Ex7500 AC2200 Extender.
  • You just to connect your Netgear Extender with Ethernet chord to your router.
    SETUP EX7500
  • Now open a browser on your cell phone or laptop.
  • And at the very top in the address bar you need to type or
  • In case or doesn’t work try changing the browser or reset the extender.
  • Once on the Netgear Extender Setup page, you will see “New Extender Setup“.
  • Hit that and create an account for your Netgear Extender.
  • After this it will automatically scan all the avialable networks.
  • Select your main WiFi network and type your password.
  • Repeat the process in case your router supports dual band.
  • It will save the settings now which takes around sixty seconds or more.
  • Once configured you will see the Netgear ex7500 Extender showing up in your WiFi list.

Netgear Ex7500 Setup via WPS

  • Make sure to plugin the range extender close to the router.
    NOTE:- we need to plug it closer for faster configuration.
  • Once the power light turns solid or stable that will mean that the Extender is ready for Setup.
    NOTE:- In case power light doesn’t turn’s On push the power ON/OFF.
  • First push the Wps button on the router and within sixty seconds push the Wps on the Netgear extender too.
    NOTE:- Wps button looks like a upward and downward arrow key going in opposite direction.
  • It takes around 10-15 seconds for the extender to get connected with the router.
  • Once connected the Wps light on the Ex7500 Extender will turn solid.
  • You can now unplug it and place it halfway between your router and the place where you need WiFi.
Netgear Ex7500 Setup
Netgear Ex7500 LED
Netgear Ex7500 Setup
setup ex7500 via