How to Setup Orbi with ATT Uverse

Orbi is designed with the built-in tri-band mesh technology so that you can enjoy the streaming without buffering. It delivers the Wi-Fi without dead zone and lag and is compatible with all types of devices. It is easy to set up with the Orbi app as well as with other internet service providers so that you can enjoy the Wi-Fi quickly. In this article, you will get to know how to setup Orbi with att uverse. So there are two options to set up the router or modem with ATT.

1. Set up Orbi as an Access Point (AP): Uverse gateway as the Main Router

Configuring your Orbi router as an Access Point (AP) allows you to use the Orbi’s router’s Wi-Fi instead of the Wi-Fi on any existing router. The first step to setting your Orbi with the att uverse as an Access Point (AP) is to disable both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wireless Modes on your ATT Router and then set your Orbi Router system to the Access Point. Follow the below steps to set up Orbi as an access point.

Access Point

  1. Open a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to the Orbi network and log in to
  2. Login to the ATT Router with your username (admin) and your password
  3. Select the Wi-Fi Tab
  4. Select Radio Selection option which contains 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  5. Turn off the router Wi-Fi.
  6. Next, go to the Advanced Tab
  7. Select the AP mode

This will set the Orbi Router as an Access Point (AP) but the Uverse gateway will continue to operate as the primary router. You can also set up the Orbi’s Wi-Fi networks to use the same SSID as the Uverse gateway by selecting “Get Dynamically from existing router&” option. For a smooth flow or to prevent the Orbi and Uverse gateway from fighting each other for airtime, you can use a different non-overlapping Wi-Fi channel.

If you want to replace the provided modem with the Orbi, you will need the Orbi Cable Wi-Fi system (CBK40), which is an Ethernet cable connected to the internet port of your Orbi router or to the LAN port of your existing router or gateway. This version of the device can connect to the cable outlet and works as a modem and a router.

2. Use Orbi as the Main Router for most of your devices

This is the answer to the question of how to set up the Orbi with att uverse. To do so, you will have to enable IP Passthrough under the NVG599’s Firewall settings and point it at the Orbi. You can also utilize the Orbi’s parental controls (circle), VPN servers, and other features to set the Orbi as a DMZ device in the ATT Gateway settings. To begin the setup, in the ATT Gateway, go to Settings—–>Firewall——>Applications, Pinholes, and DMZ——>select Orbi——>select Allow all applications (DMZplus mode)——->Save. The Orbi will now become the primary router for most of your devices.

You can also manually set the IP ranges of the routers if you want your home network to be under the standard 192.168.1.x. You should, therefore, move the Netgear switch and any devices connected to it from the Uverse gateway to the Orbi.

If you still can’t set up your Orbi, get in touch with the experienced technicians.