Netgear ac1200 dual-band Wi-Fi mesh extender model EX6920

We place this range extender in places where signals are weak which gives us more Wi-Fi coverage than before. If you need HD video streaming and gaming, you might want to try this. You can extend the existing WiFi connection or can also create and use new Wi-Fi access points. To connect wired devices(smart TV, game console) to Wi-Fi, you can use the Ethernet port. You should use it mainly when the Wi-Fi device is in a dead zone as otherwise we know that the traffic routed through extender is slower than the usual. Let’s start the Netgear Ex6920 setup:

Netgear ex6920 extender setup with WPS

WPS stands for Wi-Fi protected Setup. We can use it to establish connections between a router and the wireless devices faster.

The Ex6920 has a Router Link(connection between the extender and the router), Device Link(connection between the extender and a computer or Wi-Fi device), Power, WPS button LED’s

Netgear ac1200 ex6920
  • Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender and the wireless router should be in the same room(or atleast close enough). Plug your extender to the power socket. The power LED light would turn Green and if it doesn’t, press Power button of the Extender.
  • Now push the WPS button of the AC1900 Extender and you will see a blinking WPS LED on it.
  • Press the WPS button on the Router or access point which would make WPS LED blink on the router. Once the Ex6920 WPS LED turns solid green it confirms, the connection of extender and Wi-Fi is established.
  • You will see Three LED lights on the Netgear ac1900 ex6920 (power, wps, wi-fi) that ensures that proper connection has been established.
  • Take the extender(after unplugging it first) to a new location. A centralized location is preferred i.e. in the middle of the work area. Plugin the extender after you have placed it to the new location. See if the Router Link LED light is green and if not, change the location of the Extender.
  • Connect to the two new extender Wi-Fi networks from which shows up as _2GEXT and _5GEXT.

Netgear Ex6920 extender setup via Netgear installation assistant | mywifiext

Here, we are using the Netgear installation assistant as it pops-up automatically once device is connected to the extender and you open a browser.

  • Your Extender must be plugged into the power socket and switched on.
  • Using a computer or cellphone, get connected to the Netgear_EXT Wi-Fi name.
  • Now open a browser(google, safari, firefox) and it will take you to a login screen. Create an account and login.
    NOTE: In case the Netgear setup wizard doesn’t come up type
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the Ex6920 wireless range extender.
Netgear installation assistant
  • If three green lights show up on your Wi-Fi extender, it means it has been connected successfully with the modem.
  • Place the AC1200 halfway between the router and the area with poor connectivity then try connecting the devices which were showing connectivity problems.

If you still can’t set up your Netgear WiFi Range Extender, get in touch with the experienced technicians

Extender setup as an “access point”

We can use the AC1900 Extender as an access point for all the Wi-Fi devices by connecting ethernet cable between ex6920 and router. We will be using a Web Browser setup to login to the extender and will set it up as access point

  1. Now using a Wi-Fi Network Manager on our device(Browser enabled), we will connect to the Extender Wi-Fi network NETGEAR_EXT). The Device Link LED will light up then.
  2. On the browser and type “” in the address field.
  3. Click on “Netgear New Extender Setup”.
  4. Create a new account or login. You will asked to select your region and other information.
  5. It will ask you the mode “extender” or “access point”, select the “access point” mode there.
  6. Now connect ethernet cable from ex6920 to your main router.
  7. Next, set SSID i.e. the Network name and password of the access point Wi-Fi network we are creating.
  8. Once settings are saved, see if it shows up in the list of Wi-Fi networks.
  9. Now unplug the extender and move it to your desired location(with Wi-Fi connectivity issues).
  10. Observe the Router LED Light about where it turns Green to choose the best location.
    NOTE:- Ethernet cable will still be plugged in when you move Netgear AC1200 to new location.

How to Set Up a Static IP Address to EX6920?

Generally, Home Networks are set up(default setting) to connect to Extenders using dynamic IP addresses. In case you need to use Static IP address, refer the following steps:

static ip
  • Your Client device that you connected(that has WiFi and Browser), open the Web Browser.
  • Now type “” in the address bar to open the Login page using Username and Password.
  • Click the Menu icon.
  • Go to Settings -> Wireless Settings to open the WiFi settings page.
  • Choose “IP Address”.
  • Now we will select the Static IP Address radio button and fill in the fields.
  • Click on Save.

How to reset Ac1200 Netgear ex6920 extender?

You might need to reset the Extender if it’s not working properly. Follow the steps below:

There is a Reset or Factory Reset button on Extender. Using a paper clip or some similar object, press and hold that Reset button for about 10 seconds and then release it. It might take some time to boot and the power light would turn Green after that.