Netgear EX8000 extender Setup

NETGEAR EX8000 Extender

Large area covered
Netgear EX8000 extender covers upto 2,500 sq. ft. of your area and provides great speed compared to other extender with same range.

50 devices covered
Connect as many as 50 devices at the same time plus select between 3 bands to maintian high speed internet for each device.

Buffering was ancient thing
With the speed of upto 3,000 mbps it takes care of 4K ultra hd videos and online multiplayer gaming at the same time.

Smart roaming
With smart roaming you will be always connected to your best internet connection. It automatically switches between best available WiFi connection.

Easy Setup
Push Wps and the setup is done.

Netgear ex8000 extende setup
Ex8000 Netgear Extender Setup

Netgear EX8000 setup via

  • Plug in your Netgear EX8000 Extender into a power outlet. For browser setup its not necessary to plug it close to router.
  • Wait for power LED to turn solid.
  • Connect your laptop or cell phone to the extender network via WiFi or through Ethernet Cable.
    :- Open WiFi list on your laptop or cell phone and Connect your device to Netgear_Ext which is also the default name of the netgear extender.
    :- Client LED will lit-up as soon as you connect your device to the Extender Network
  • Ethernet
  • :- Plug in the Ethernet Cord from your Extender port to the computer.
  • Open a browser and in the URL or address bar type which is the default IP address of netgear extenders.
    NOTE:- In case doesn’t work reset the extender.
  • In the Netgear Extender Setup page click on “New Extender Setup”.
  • Now select if you would like to set it up as “Access Point” or as Wi-Fi Range Extender.
  • It will scan all the available networks in your area.
  • Select your router network and type-in the password.
  • It will then save the settings which takes around 60 seconds.
  • Once the Netgear EX8000 Range Extender is up, you can place it anywhere you want within the range.

Netgear EX8000 Extender Setup via WPS

  • Plugin the range extender Close to your router.
    NOTE:- Placing the Extender close to router increases the chances of fast Setup.
  • Once the Power LED becomes stable on Extender then it means extender is ready for Setup.
  • You need to push a WPS on the Netgear Extender.
  • Now within a minute push WPS on the router.
    NOTE:- WPS on both extender and router will be blinking.
  • It hardly takes 10-15 secs for extender to get connected with the router.
  • Once connected successfully WPS lights will stop blinking.
  • You will find 2.4GHz and 5GHz lights Lit-up on the extender.
  • Just to confirm it you can log in on to, create an account and login.
  • Unplug the Netgear Range extender now and place it halfway between your router and the place where you need WiFi.