Netgear powerline add new adapter

Some times just two Netgear Powerline Adapters aren’t enough. In that case you can add as many as you require.

-Adding more Powerline adapters:

Netgear Powerline New adapter
Adding New Adapter to Powerline Network
  • Plug the new Netgear Powerline Setup Adapter into a wall outlet at the place where you need Internet.
  • Now connect your adapter with Ethernet cable. One end of cable into your powerline and other end can be in port on a computer, game console, Blu-ray player, smart tv, security camera, etc.
    The PowerLINE devices will try to detect each other and will form a PowerLINE network.
  • In case you used private encryption key, press the Security button on one of the adapters
    which is already a part of the network for 2 seconds, and then press the Security button
    on the new adapter which we want to add for 2 seconds.

    IMP:- Make sure to push the security key on both of them within 2 mins.

  • NOTE:- You have to be cautious about when to press the Security/Factory Reset button on the PowerLINE adapter if you do it before the installation is completed and the adapters are communicating with each

    other, it can lead to Powerline getting temporarily unavailable.
    IMP:- Moreover if you want to Reset your Powerline, take note that it does not work in power saving mode.
  • Give your Netgear Powerline network some time to recognize each PowerLINE device. It takes somewhere between 10-80 seconds for the Netgear Powerline to recognize the new Adapter.

The Process of adding new Adapter is completed when the power LED stops blinking. Green light on Pick a Plug or amber on it confirms that the devices are successfully connected to the Powerline network. Red whereas means Slow link rate. To correct that you need to try another wall outlet, like closer one to the main unit. Try to get Green or Amber light on Pick a Plug for faster connection. For more information you can search for Netgear Extender Setup.