NETGEAR RBK23 AC2200 Orbi Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

The NETGEAR RBK23 AC2200 is a home Wi-Fi system that is much more affordable than the original one available earlier. It providing you all the great speed and Wi-Fi coverage in the whole house. Here, this product is mainly aimed at domestic houses that support fewer walls and are much smaller in dimensions. Its design is similar to the original older Orbi Wi-Fi devices that shape a white giant uniform body design which is less appealing to the human eye. After all, for the robust features, it provides end-to-end, a compromise in the design won’t be much of an issue. You will be provided with 1 Main Netgear Router and 2 Netgear Satellite Routers. It provides speeds up to 2.2GB/s and covers around 4.,500 sq. feet.

Installation of NETGEAR RBK23 AC2200 Orbi

  1. Plug the power cable into the DC port of the main router.
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable from your ISP modem to the ‘Main’ router.
  3. Now place his main router in a central location of your home. Now connect the other two satellite routers in the room as per your requirements and plug them into a power source.
  4. let us go through the NETGEAR Orbi RBK23 AC2200 setup

Setup RBK23 via Orbi App:

  • Install the NETGEAR Orbi app from the Play Store or App Store or use these links provided:
  • Once installed, open the app on your mobile. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you can click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Allow the use of ‘Location Services’ by clicking the ‘Allow’ button.
  • Now ‘Create an Account’ or ‘Login’ using the existing NETGEAR Account.
Setup RBK23 via Orbi App
  • Once done, it will ask whether we need to install a new router. Press the ‘Yes’ button.
  • You will need to scan the QR code. Click on ‘Enable Camera and Scan’. Scan the QR code that is present on the top-right corner of the main router.
  • Remove the power cable and plug it in again. Once done click on ‘Next’.
  • Place the satellite routers in your preferred places or rooms as per the requirements.
  • Make sure the ‘Main’ router is placed at a central location in the house. Now click on ‘Next’.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes for it to initialize and synchronize all the satellites along with the main router.
  • Once this is done, Now change the name (SSID) and Password of the Wi-Fi network. If you have done it, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Add/change the Administrator ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
  • Now set up two security questions of your choice and click on ‘Next’.
  • It will lead you to a page where it will check for new drivers and firmware and update accordingly if necessary. After this is done, click on ‘Continue’ and the setup is now completed.
  • Enter a configuration interface where you will be able to change various settings of the Wi-Fi network.

If you still can’t set up your Netgear Orbi, get in touch with the experienced technicians

AC2200 Orbi Mesh System Setup via orbilogin:

  1. First, connect to the router’s Wi-Fi network using your mobile device using wireless connectivity or by connecting a LAN cable to it. It is your choice.
  2. Go to your browser and type in the address bar. You will have to enter the Administrator ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ now. Type in the address bar.
  3. Enter ‘admin’ as a username and enter the administrator password you had given in the app.
  4. You will now enter the configuration interface. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Now select the ‘Advanced Setup’ option.
  5. And under that select ‘Router/AP Mode’. Select ‘AP Mode’ and click on the ‘Apply’ button to save changes. It might take a couple of minutes to configure changes. Once done, you are now sure that the process has been completed.
  6. You will need to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network once again after the changes are done.

How to manually update the Orbi router and satellites’ firmware?

Orbi router and satellites’ firmware
  1. Visit and search for the model of the router that you own and download its latest firmware.
  2. In the ‘Advanced’ settings tab click on ‘Administration’ and ‘Firmware Update’. Now select ‘Manual Update’.
  3. The checkbox located next to the satellite’s model name needs to be selected. Now click on the ‘Update’ button. Click on ‘Browse’ and select the file that you had just downloaded. The file you just download would be either .img or .chk type of file.
  4. It will take a couple of minutes to install and sync the new firmware with the router.

How do I activate NETGEAR Armor?

  1. First install the NETGEAR Nighthawk app on your smartphones.
  2. Now connect your mobile with the router’s Wi-Fi network.
  3. You need to enter your NETGEAR ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ if you already have an account or else create a new one.
  4. Now the NETGEAR Armor page open as a popup. Click on ‘ACTIVATE’. You can buy a membership or else activate the ‘30-day trial pack’.

How to enable/disable ‘Daisy Chain’ topology on the Orbi Wi-Fi system?

  1. Enter ‘’ in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Now enter the administrative ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
  3. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab and select the ‘Wireless Settings’ option.
  4. Now you can check the box to Enable/Disable the ‘Daisy-Chain Topology’.
  5. Click on the ‘Apply’ button to save changes.

How to use remote access of the router using the NETGEAR Orbi App?

  • Install the Orbi app on your mobile phone.
  • Connect your mobile to the Wi-Fi network of your Orbi router.
  • Login with your existing NETGEAR account or else create a new one.
  • On the top-left corner of the page, click on the ‘Menu’ icon. Now click on ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Remote Management’ option.
  • Enable/Disable this option as per your requirement and you can access the Orbi router settings remotely hereafter.
  • Now to remotely access your router, reopen the Orbi app on your mobile phone and click on ‘Connect with Remote Management’.