Netgear EX8000 Setup | Nighthawk X6S AC3000

Netgear Extender help in providing peerless internet speed throughout your home or office. It should be noted that it helps to extend your WiFi network rather than boosting it. It extends WiFi coverage in the dead zones or far reaching areas away from router. Netgear extender EX8000 expand your WiFi coverage up to 2,500 sq. ft.

It has several bands technology. Due to different barriers such as metal objects, microwave ovans, heavy glass and different floors , the network connectivity sometimes get slow down, to remove this issue, configure Netgear Nighthawk EX8000 Extender and keep the nighthawk extender in the range of your router. With spot finder technology you choose the best location for Nighthawk X6S tr- band wifi mesh Extender. If you see a solid white light on your extender, it confirms that the device is connected to

Nighthawk X6S AC3000
There are the following two methods for the Netgear X6S Mesh Extender Setup.

How to Setup Netgear EX8000 X6S Wifi Mesh Extender via

  • You need a laptop or cell phone for this Netgear Extender Setup. In case mywifiext.local doesn’t work, then change the browser.
  • First of all ,turn on your Netgear X6S EX8000 Extender by plugging it into an electrical outlet.
  • Then you need to connect the Nighthawk extender to Netgear_EXT in your WiFi list properly.
  • Open any updated web browser and in the URL type or
  • Mywifiext login web page mostly open automatically once you open browser after connecting to Netgear_EXT.
  • Or type on the address bar and press the Enter key.
  • Once the Setup page opens, click on the New Extender Setup button.
  • A list will displaying the names of the wireless network. Select the network you wants to extend.
  • Once Netgear Extender Setup is done, new window will appear it shows your SSID and Password.
  • Login into your router and go to connected devices note down the IP address of Configured nighthawk extender.
  • As you type this IP address in the URL it will open your extender page.

Setup Netgear Nighthawk X6S Mesh Wifi Extender via WPS Method

  • It is the easiest way for Netgear Mesh extender Setup.
  • This Setup takes not more than 10 seconds and nighthawk extender should be plugged in the same room as router.
  • Hit the WPS button on the extender. Then you will see a blinking light on the extender.
  • Within Two mins push the WPS button on your router,you will see a blinking light on your router.
  • Once the blinking light stops on the nighthawk mesh extender and WPS LED light on it turns solid white then it confirms that extender is Setup.
Nighthawk X6S AC3000 Setup
  • Now you can unplug the extender and place it at the location where you need WiFi.
  • Keep your Extender away from the big appliances like microwave oven, metal objects for the best coverage.

Setup Netgear Nighthawk X6S extender using nighthawk App

First of all, click here in case you don’t have the Netgear nighthawk app. Click here download for android | Click here to download for iOS. Once Downloaded open Nighthawk App on your mobile device and if your router is not supported by the nighthawk app then click on “Try New System Setup” and select range extender form the list. If your router model is supported by the nighthawk app then click on the home icon on the top left corner of your nighthawk app dashboard screen. Then click on the “New Setup Option” and select the range extender. Click on next and let’s start Netgear Nighthawk app-based setup.

  • Now, plugin your Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC3000 into a power outlet and once you have solid power led that means it ready for setup.
  • As you hit Next on the Nighthawk App it will ask you to join Netgear_EXT, Hit join from your end.
  • It will connect in few seconds in case it doesn’t manually go to the Wifi list and select “Netgear_EXT” from the Wifi list.
  • Once the Nighthawk App found your Netgear X6S Mesh extender it will show you the same on the screen, Hit next again.
  • It will now show you a list of all the available networks in your area, You will need to select your router’s wifi network that you want to extend.
  • In case your router supports 5Ghz too select the same or else hit skip.
ac3000-nighthawk x6s
  • Once you select the band you want to extend you will need to enter the password for the network selected.
  • Once configured it will ask you to join the extended network.
  • After this, it will ask you to create security questions.
  • At last, it will check for the latest firmware for the smooth performance of your Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC3000 mesh extender.

If you still can’t set up your Netgear WiFi Range Extender, get in touch with the experienced technicians

Netgear EX8000 nighthawk mesh extender Features

  • Netgear EX8000 Extender helps in providing full 360 – degree coverage of your existing WiFi network.
  • The Nighthawk EX8000 Extender has two-port, one is USB 2.0 and the second is 4 gigabit Ethernet.
  • It works with any regular WiFi router.
  • It has a 5 GHz band with up to 1.7 Gbps for extending internet speed.
  • Netgear EX8000 Extender boosts your WiFi coverage into every corner of your home with the same WiFi name.
  • Netgear Extender Nighthawk X6S AC3000 EX8000 has six high-performance antennas for better WiFi coverage.
  • Nighthawk X6S AC3000 EX8000 has 4 Ethernet ports to connect wired devices for better speed.
  • With tri-band technology, it increases the speed of your devices. More details are available on the mywifiext.


You will find 4 different LED on this model of the Netgear extenders. Let us look at them one by one. The first one is the link status of LED. EX8000 will show 5 types of lights.

  • Solid green indicates a strong connection. A solid Amber on the other hand will depict that it has a comparatively good connection. On the other hand, if it shows solid red then the connection is bad. if it is off then you may know that there is no connection made. A blinking white LED on this one denotes that the extender is resetting itself to its factory settings.
  • The second in line is the maximum throughout LED. This LED can show three phases. If it has a solid White light you can no that the extender is using the five GigaHertz channel. Off means that the extender is using two GigaHertz channels for backhaul. If this every day blinks a white light it means that the extender is resetting itself to his factory settings.
The next in line is the two GigaHertz LED. It can either be a solid weight or off depending on the use of the particular channel. The same applies to the five GigaHertz LED. it can either be solid white or off depending on the use of the channel.
  • Up next is a USB LED. if it shines solid white then it denotes that a USB connection has been made. If there is no USB connection made and then the LED remains off.
  • Next is the WPS LED. If it Blinks with white light it denotes that a secure connection is being established. Shining bright white denotes that a secure connection has been made through WPS. Off means that no connection has been made and the Wi-Fi is enabled without WPS.
  • Last but not least is the Ethernet LED. If it flashes bright white it means that an Ethernet cable has been connected to the port. On the other hand, if no Ethernet cable is connected the LED will remain off.


There are two ways in which you can reset your extender to the factory settings. You may find a small hole on the back panel of the extender. There will be the word reset button written somewhere around it. Use a straight in the paper clip and inserted into the whole And press the button for a few seconds. This will allow the extender to start the reset process.

It generally takes about one whole minute to reset it back to the factory settings. Do not try to connect to the Internet or anything else. The extender will remain completely offline during the reset process. after the reset process is completed you can continue to reprogram the router as you did in the setup in the beginning.

Another way to reset your router is to log in to the setup link that you used to set up your device. Connect to your extender network and browse the offline setup link. and so your email and password and find the reset button under the settings menu. after clicking on it wait for a minute and run a power cycle. this will return your router to the factory settings and it will be ready to be programmed again.


Unless you have changed the settings of the extender it has an automatic system that checks for firmware updates whenever there is a login. In order to check for firmware updates log in to your setup link enter your admin email and password. This will show you the status page.

On the status page search for the menu bar. In the menu bar, you will be able to find the settings button. Under the settings button check for firmware updates. Click on it and it will search for any firmware updates and will prompt you to download and install them. You could also do the same using the nighthawk app which has a built-in feature that checks for firmware updates and installs it. while the firmware is being updated and installed please keep in mind that the extender is now offline and will not come back online until the update process is completed.


The EX 8000 has a very unique and futuristic design and is quite multifunctional. I have found it to be amazing and extending the range as well as being consistent in the optimal performance. Although it is not very affordable the specifications make it really worth the price tag. The fact that it has mobile application support adds a lot to the convenience subheading. As a matter of fact, very few extenders have such a good mobile app with a perfect user interface.

I have found the application to be extremely easy to use and understand. Even without the application, the extender has a pretty simple setup and the Seven LED’s make it a lot more comprehensible.
This extender is surely among the best of extenders available out there. It has four Ethernet ports that allow a lot of wired connections, apart from the large number of devices that can be simultaneously connected to the Wi-Fi.

It’s range extension capabilities I’ll beyond praise and very suitable for medium to large houses. It can also be used for commercial purposes as it is a heavy-duty extender. If you are truly looking for something worth your money and smart enough to be very convenient to handle this is the product for you.