Pairing a Netgear powerline 1200 along with your router

While not having an extender along with your wireless router may not seem a bad idea, it is not the perfect setup too. Having an extender along with your router enhances connectivity and range and makes the overall internet usage experience an amazing one. If you already have an extender set up along with your router there wouldn’t be a need for you to be worried about a wifi dead spot in your vicinity. That being said let’s take a look at a good extender and its pros, cons as well as its FAQs. Let me introduce you to the Netgear powerline 1200 extender. Before we dive into breaking downs it’s uses, specifications and issues, let’s peek at the setup procedure and more.

Netgear Powerline 1200 Setup

As in most of the extenders, the setup is not at all complicated and does not require you to know rocket science or hold a degree in setting up extenders. All you would need to do is follow some simple steps and you will be done and your extender up and running in no time. First, bring you’re your extender and connect it to a power supply. Wait for the LED to indicate that the extender is stable and ready for a connection. After this you will need to connect the extender to your computer or your setup device. There 2il be two ways to do so. Either connect it with the Ethernet cable present in the box to make a wired connection with your personal computer or connect it with a wireless connection.

You can make a wireless connection in two ways:

The first method is simple. You will only need to browse for the name of your extender in the list of connectible wifi names on your PC. When you find the name you can connect it. Another way to connect it is the WPS setup. In this method you will need to locate the WPS button on the extender. The same will also be present on your router. Once you locate both you can press them one after the other and establish a connection.

After connecting your extender in any way mentioned above to your personal computer you can open your browser. From here you will need to access the setup link. There are two ways here too. You can either just enter the IP address of the extender in the address bar or type which will redirect you to try extenders setup link. After that you can type in the default credentials to log in. Now, you can complete the given instructions by entering the details of your router in order to program your extender to connect to your router and relay its network hence extending it. After that you can set up your extender in a central position in range of your router and you will be good to go.

Netgear power line dropping connection.

The drops in connection can happen in many scenarios. One of them can be the entering of wrong details into the setup link when trying to setup the extender. Keep in mind that of you enter wrong details of your router like the SSID or password then the router will not be able to connect to the router. To avoid this trouble always try to note down the details before trying to enter it in the setup link. To minimize errors. It can also be due to faulty power supplies so make sure the power supply is consistent. You could also take a look into keeping the extender in the range of the router. If it doesn’t remain in the range of the router then the extender may drop the connection.

Netgear power line 1200 trouble shooting.

As in all extenders you might face a few issues while using this extender too. This won’t be much big of a trouble as you can trouble shoot them. The trouble shooting won’t be required much as running a power cycle solves most of the problems most of the time. If you look into it you can trouble shoot the issues by using the setup link. When you login into the link you will be able to see the trouble shoot button. Pressing it would launch a trouble shooter that would look for issues and provide solutions. It is as easy as that.

Netgear power line 1200 factory reset.

You may need to reset the factory settings of your Netgear power line 1200 extender for a variety of reasons. For example you may want to change the router that was connected to your extender or even reprogram it in some way. You may also simply want to reset it to factory settings once in a while to ensure full performance. Now, You could do that in a couple of ways. You could manually reset netgear extender to its factory settings. This can be done by finding the reset button present on the extender. It is usually a small internal button and can be accessed by a paper clip. After inserting the clip press and hold it for a few seconds until the LED suggests that the reset process has started. Then you can wait for it to complete and for the extender to restart. Then you will be able to reprogram it all over again.

Another way to do the same thing is by using the extenders setup link. When you visit it and log in using the credentials that you chose during the first login you will see a menu. You will be able to find reset to factory settings under the settings menu. You can choose that option and wait for the same kind of LED light indication for the reset procedure. At the end of the procedure you can run a power cycle and reprogram the extender all over again.

Netgear power line 1200 slow speeds. What are the causes?

The speed advertised for the Netgear powerline 1200 router extenders is over a GB per second. Although this may be the best case scenario as advertisements would always show the best case scenario. In real life situations the extender is very much capable of bringing up speeds of 500 mbps and above. Now, the speed also depends on the plan that you selected on your router. You can’t have a 100 mbps plan on your router and then expect your extender to give you a GB per second of speed. That would be unfair. You ISP plays an important role in the speed that you receive. You could test the speed of your extender by connecting to it and then using the Ookla speed test.

What if everything is good and you still are getting slow speeds. Well, not to worry because this may be cause by the distance between your extender and router. Make sure they are in good range of one another. Also make sure they have a clean line of sight and do not have a lot of walls between them. Having too many walls can hinder the connection in a pretty big time way. The Netgear powerline 1200 mbps slow speeds may also be caused by too many simultaneous devices connecting to it. Although the device supports multiple connection at the same time, it doesn’t give the same amount of speeds and connectivity strength to all the devices. Therefore make sure the number of simultaneous connections are under the limit if you wish to enjoy good speeds.

LED statuses on the Netgear power line 1200. Are they useful.

As all the new extenders in the market, the Netgear powerline 1200 also has a set of three LED indicators. You will be able to distinguish them as the power LED, the Ethernet LED and also the find a plug LED. The first two are common ones that you might have already seen on other extenders. The power LED lights up a solid green when the electrical supply is good. It lights up Amber if the device is in power saving mode. It blinks green in case the adapter is in process of setting up security. The next one that is the Ethernet LED lights up a solid green only if the Ethernet port is linked. It stays off otherwise.

The LED light that will grab your attention the most is the pick a plug LED. This LED will assist you to find the perfect place for placing your extender. Let me go through the simple way in which this works. After you complete the setup you will be able to plug in the extender at various places and can decide the best place based on the LEDs indication.

Solid Red:

The LED will light up solid red if the link rate is less than 50 Mbps. It will light up a solid Amber if the link rate is in between 50 and 80 Mbps which is better than the last one. At the end the best connections are deemed to be those whose link rates are above 80 Mbps and the LED lights up a solid green in the last scenario. You will be easily able to distinguish between the different places and find the best place for your extender.

A small insight into the extenders rating

The Netgear powerline 1200 is a compact and efficient extender with a good performance chart. The extender has extremely easy setup mechanisms that need to pre requisite knowledge of extenders in general. It has a good range and provides adequate speeds. The extender is perfect for homes and small offices while it can be put to good use in industrial areas. That being said, if you wanted a good extender with a decent range that also falls into your budget limit, then I would not recommend you anything less than the Netgear power line 1200. It has a ton of satisfied users and a design unique for itself. Having an extender along with your router is not a liability, it is rather an asset. So why wouldn’t you want one. Also what would be better than the Netgear power line 1200.